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Masters & Masterpieces
Dir: Matteo Borgardt
2016 / 45 mins
Australian Premiere

You Never Had It: An Evening With Bukowski

You Never Had It is made up entirely of until recently lost U-matic tapes of Charles Bukowski interviewed by journalist Silvia Bizio. Over the course of a single night that’s infused with red wine, cigarettes and in the company of his soon to be wife Linda Lee Beighle, Bukowski opens up in the most fascinating of fashion.

In a kind of stream of consciousness Bukowski is absolutely himself. Answering questions with wit, humour and laser guided honesty his observations are endlessly fascinating as is the environment which is the lounge room of his San Pedro home…and you really feel like you’re there sitting on the floor with everyone else.

It’s really lovely to hear him speak in such an unmediated way and provide such a beautiful and rare picture of the mind behind the man.

You Never Had It has dream and hazy quality and is most definitely some strange postcard from the past that’s just arrived after years of being lost in the post. It’s very, very surprising and a must for lovers of literature. A real discovery.

Screens with Barfly.

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